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Management Recruiters of Cherry Valley - Employer Center

is the strongest and most productive organization of its kind in the
industry today. Management Recruiters of Cherry Valley, Inc. has been
part of the Management Recruiters International family since 1986.

Why use a Recruiter?

Time Savings - we eliminate the screening and follow up with
hundreds of candidates. We provide pre-screened, qualified,
experienced people and coordinate the interviewing process for you.

Cost Savings - we let you concentrate on your business and your
revenue generating customers while we identify top talent.

Confidentiality - for those times when you need to add to your team
without notifying your competition.

As the preferred and pre-eminent provider of executive search and
human resource solutions, our success will be a direct reflection of
the superior systems and optimal support that we provide to our customers.
We are devoted to helping our customers achieve their professional and
financial goals.

We acknowledge that the key to the best business relationships is a
thorough understanding of our customers' needs, priorities and expectations.
We also believe that satisfied customers are the result of providing prompt,
dependable, worthwhile service. We shall always strive to deliver innovative
products and state-of-the-art strategies that meet the ever-changing
requirements of our customers.

We value the people within our organization and believe that they are the
source of our strength, reputation, future growth and prosperity. Accordingly,
all of our team members and associates will personally assume the
responsibility of conducting themselves in an ethical, accountable, and
cooperative manner. Our organization will always encourage the personal
and professional growth of each of our team members.

A guiding principle of our offices is to focus on promoting a culture of
initiative, integrity, teamwork and trust. We believe that productive
relationships are the results of mutual respect and commitment.

Each MRI of Cherry Valley team member and associate aspires to be
recognized as indispensable participant in the success of our customers
and our company.
Your organization's ability to thrive and grow depends on the talent and
achievements of your people.

With over 4,000 professionals and 700 offices in the business capitals
of the world, MRI can provide world class staffing solutions to any
challenges our clients may face.